Daman’s mHealth

Health Management Made Easy

Daman’s mHealth suite of apps for pregnancy, weight loss, and diabetes has been designed to make living with your condition more rewarding, and to support you in your journey to health and wellness. Eligible Daman members get access to premium features and content as well as our team of health coaching professionals. mHealth is used by our Community Health Department, the largest in the region, to support thousands of people affected by health conditions in living comfortable, productive lives.

Expecting soon or have a newborn?

Femisphere is a maternity app from Onelife that makes the whole experience of early motherhood a supported, interactive and enjoyable journey by giving you access to maternity coaches via the in-built chat as well as helping you proactively identify symptoms that may hint at underlying conditions.

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Are you insulin-dependent?

One Drop is an app that encourages you to keep an eye on your blood glucose and maintain it in a suitable range through an engaging, supportive interface. Daman’s One Drop has a chat function that makes expert coaching easily accessible, and, while particularly beneficial for people living with type-1 diabetes, can benefit any person living with diabetes.

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Do you struggle to maintain a healthy body weight?

Oviva helps you to achieve your health goals with nutritional coaching and support through our smartphone app. You record what you eat and track your activity, and get regular feedback from your dietitian that’s tailored to you.

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